Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So here's the deal.

My name is Ian.  I'm new to New York City and I've unfortunately left all of my horror loving friends back in my hometown.  I miss getting together and watching some really good (or bad) horror movies, talking about upcoming releases, getting super excited about the Monster Mania conventions in Jersey, searching out rare horror film screenings etc.  But I'm sure there has to be plenty of gore hounds here in Brooklyn, right?  This is where you and your friends come into play.  We all know how much fun horror conventions are, but is once or twice a year enough?  NO!  Not for me at least.

I'm looking to gather horror loving nerds from all over the NYC area who love the genre as much as I do, to hang out, totally geek out about terrible slasher movies, argue about what the greatest Italian eye gouging scene is, have a drink or two, and most importantly to watch a few movies once or twice a month.  Thankfully I have AWESOME room mates, and a great space in Brooklyn that can host these events.  Does this sound like something you'd be into?  Let's do this!

I'm thinking of having the first get together sometime in mid January.  There are some logistics to work out, and I'll be looking for feedback from everyone who's interested so we can make this work.  I'd love nothing more than for this to work and gather a solid group of people every month to celebrate the genre, make some new friends, find out about some new flicks, to occasionally watch some of the most disgusting horror films ever made, and most importantly to have fun.  Stay tuned for details, and help spread the word!

Watch this in the meantime.

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